Building Your Dream Pool

What to expect …

Your Swimming Pool by Contractors Who Do it Your Way

Boulder Pools’ design service offers a unique collaborative experience that will bring about a spectacular focus for your back yard paradise.   We are swimming pool contractors with an eye for detail and an adventuresome spirit who will work with you and consider all the possibilities for your available space, and the experience you wish to create. What will result is an addition to your way of life that will enhance your physical fitness and be a source of joy every single day. 

We make the design and construction experience as pleasant as possible.  Eighteen years of pool-building experience in central Texas and dealing with the same person throughout the process assures that your concerns are important to us.

PoolBoulder Pools Can Turn Your backyard into a Vacation Paradise

Always keeping the customer’s vision in mind, Boulder Pools specializes in unusual, creative and complex swimming pool designs, including the more difficult and technically challenging projects, beautiful rock work and waterscapes.

Our unique swimming pools feature museum-quality artificial rock with details and texture that are very realistic, without the need for heavy equipment or excavation - no need to tear up a beautifully manicured lawn.  Our beautiful rock waterfalls, caves and rock walls are created with three dimensional stains which become a natural part of the concrete, and last for a long period of time.
Boulder Pools only uses the highest quality materials, energy-saving pumps, filters and heaters and have the expertise to ensure that your pool is not only beautiful to look at but also safe to swim in and built to last.


Carefree Clear & Healthy Water

We specialize in providing a healthy chlorine-free, salt-free pool sanitation system. (Yes! It IS rocket science.) In addition to the benefits of fresh-smelling safe and healthy water you experience soft skin, beautiful hair and no red burning eyes. On top of that, our customers gain a drastic decrease in weekly maintenance and pool chemical expense. This fantastic ionization system also easily replaces the chlorine or salt system on existing pools.

Water Features and Landscape Art

Custom concrete waterfalls, slides, grottos, caverns and rock walls enhance the appearance of your pool, giving it a tropical resort appearance. This is where we really shine. Our hand-stained concrete rockwork looks and feels just like real stone, yet is more durable, easier to install and can be stacked higher creating an unlimited number of possibilities. The custom rocks can be piled or scattered, custom rockwork can be shaped to look like ledge rock, or used to beautifully cover steep elevation drops.

Decorative Concrete

You can choose from a variety of our custom decorative solutions such as concrete dye, acid-staining, multiple colors or textured patterns, textured overlays, borders, embossing, and concrete scoring to enhance the overall beauty and appearance of your poolscape. Because of the differences in concrete texture, composition, weather conditions and our finishing methods, no two stained pool decks or patios are ever alike.  Together with your imagination and our creative artistry, we turn concrete in to art.

Landscape Consultation

We work with you to develop the “big ideas” for your landscape. Usually our customers are serious gardeners and are intent on doing most of the installation work themselves. We can provide the organizational tools you will need to change your existing landscape or create something entirely new. Each consultation results in a simple sketch of an overall design for your garden, a plant list, and a list of preferred soil, stone and plant providers.

Call us today to explore the endless possibilities.

A Note on the Quality of Your Custom Designed Pool – It’s Built the Way it Should Be. We Build it Right

Jim Brisco didn’t cut corners on the high sea, and he won’t cut corners on your custom designed pool. Paying attention to doing it right and not cutting corners is the key to a quality custom built swimming pool. The pool building process is usually a 6 week activity. Since concrete needs to water cure for 7 days before you start tiling, most companies that say you can do it in 30 days are cutting corners like this. We’d rather do it right. When we put in a deck, we remove old dirt and bring in non-expansive sandy loam or road base then put beams under the deck. We use fiber in the deck and reinforce with steel in the shell. Our process entails the use of 6-sack concrete instead of the standard 5. And, concrete is mixed on the site – not out of a truck with concrete an hour or two old.

Six steps to paradise:

    Boulder Pools is not a pool company that sends a salesman in with a set of plastic templates to draw up a little diagram on the spot and say, "This is what you need."  We ask questions about your lifestyle, what you expect from your new pool, and then have our in-house design team create a proposal. Our meticulous hand-drawn designs by an artist will show a good way to design your dream pool or spa.
  2. This is a starting point. We’ll help you turn your imagination into reality.

  4. After the initial planning and design work is finished, our crew will outline the overall shape for excavating your pool in your backyard. The excavation stage is one of the most critical stages in the construction process. Depending upon the accessibility of your backyard, Boulder Pools excavation crews dig, form and hand shape your pool. In most cases, a mini-excavator and dump truck work in tandem to prepare the site.

  6. Boulder Pools’ crew installs the plumbing of your pool enabling the control of water pressure and circulation for each pool area. Systems such as automatic cleaning units, surface skimmers, underwater lights, fountain flows, etc. are also put in place at this time. Following the completion of the plumbing, a reinforced grid of metal rebar is installed to add to the overall strength of your pool shell.
    For a gunite shell, concrete is sprayed onto the rebar shell under extremely high pressure. Your choice of coping and a ceramic tile border are installed. The final plaster or specialty finish is applied to cover and waterproof the rough gunite shell. We also offer inground vinyl pools. Manufacturers have created many new liner patterns and colors, so there are many options pool owners can choose to enhance their poolscapes.


    The craftsmen create a focal point along the waterline as well as decorative accents throughout your pool before the interior finish is applied.
  9. This is the really fun step. We add waterfalls and artistic elements to create the exact mood. There are many high-tech options available for controlling your water features and lighting.

  10.  ENJOY

Then, just add water, and voila! - your carefully crafted pool is ready for many years of enjoyment!

Call us today to start creating your own backyard vacation paradise.