Pool Remodels and Renovations

Create a Paradise with a Pool Remodel and Backyard Makeover

Imagine walking out your back door into a vacation-like paradise. Outdoor mood lighting illuminates your way to a spacious deck and artistically designed landscaping features accent your glistening pool. A rock waterfall looks more like an art masterpiece than a simple pool addition, with water spilling over the side of the pool, a few feet from a bubbling spa. 

From small design projects to major backyard makeovers, Boulder Pools can transform your home into the place to be.  Following are a few of the most common options for renovations, where a pool is the centerpiece of your backyard retreat.

Interior Resurfacing

Gunite pools provide an opportunity to explore a variety of surfaces. Resurfacing can restore your pool, or completely change the color and texture.  Of the many selections available, pebble surfaces, colored plaster, mosaic tile, and other selections will add a gorgeous finish to your pool's floor surface. Another option includes restoring the floor of your pool to a pristine white or completely changing the color or texture.  Plaster is also a great option and most new plasters in the market have additives that resist stains, add strength and provide texture.
Pebble surfaces are usually made from natural river rocks and special cement for durable and beautiful results. Pebble surfaces can be created in unique and unusual methods and provide an extremely durable finish and they available in many colors as well as stain-resistant.  Tile is also another great choice for pool surfaces. Mosaic tile now comes in a wide array of colors and can completely change the personality of your pool.
Vinyl liner replacement is also one of our specialties. There are many options with the many new liner patterns and colors to enhance your poolscape.

Pool Deck Refurbishing and New Patio Spaces

New patios surrounding pool decks can become an extension of your home's architecture. Pool decks can be refurbished with decorative concrete coatings, scoring, etching and stains. And designs which are custom created for your backyard space to feature tranquil sitting areas, kitchens with a dining area, or as a simple sun deck with chaise lounges to relax, are a popular makeover choice.

Water Features

Completely change the look of an existing pool and completely change the mood with waterfalls and fountains.  Playful rock waterfalls, elegant fountains, spa spillovers, and sheer water features can completely change the way you feel about your pool. Rather than just a pool, you can have a lagoon in your backyard.

Custom concrete rocks can be incorporated into concrete waterfalls & can be scattered, piled, staged or stacked. They can be utilized on any portion of the project to enhance the appearance of a waterfall, landscape area or practice green.  Give your home a new look and the feel of a tropical resort. Welcome! We like to balance any waterfall project with some amount of custom rock-- to bring the look of natural stone to other areas of your project. It’s lasting beauty and durable finish often lasts 20-30 years before requiring attention.
Create interesting designs with spas, fountains, and rocks, all with sheer water smoothly gliding into the water. Water features can be accented with strategic lighting, creating a dynamic visual wonderland.

Spa spillovers present an opportunity for a unique design. Elevate the spa over a mountain of rocks and create an exciting waterfall. Another interesting approach is to create a sheer water descent from your spa into the surface of the pool.

Tiles & Mosaics

Unique and creative tile selections is a favorite choice for pool and spa surfaces. Nothing compares to the classic elegance of a fully tiled spa. Mosaic tile now comes in a wide array of colors and can be custom designed to create a unique inlay with style.  Adding new water line tile will make the edges of your pool look crisp and clean again. Tile and mosaics not only improve your poolscape, they turn it into a work of art.


A spa is a perfect option to accent any pool. Slip into your bathing suit and then slip into a warm and relaxing spa. Spas can be independent or integrated into your overall landscape.

A spa spillover provides a unique feature that creates an elegant transition between your pool and spa. The spillover is created by building your spa along the pool’s edge, allowing cascading water from the spa to flow into the pool, creating a dramatic and inviting effect.

Equipment Upgrades

Today's technology allows you to automate much of the cleaning and operational processes. Take advantage of some of the latest innovations in pool equipment.  Equipment manufacturers are creating systems that are targeted to more energy efficiency, thus saving money and more eco-friendly.   New systems and updated products save energy, conserve water, eliminate noise, or otherwise constitute to a more environmentally responsible equipment system.  A wide variety of products are variable speed pumps, LED pool and spa lighting, low NOx heaters, and high performance filters that reduce water use.

Carefree Clear & Healthy Water

We specialize in providing a green, healthy chlorine-free, salt-free pool sanitation system for the health-conscious family. In addition to the benefits of fresh-smelling safe and healthy water you experience soft skin, beautiful hair and no red burning eyes. On top of that, our customers gain a drastic decrease in weekly maintenance and pool chemical expense. This fantastic ionization system easily replaces the chlorine or salt system on existing pools.

Automated and Remote Control Technology

Cleaning equipment available today takes much of the hassle out of pool maintenance. Automatic pool cleaners have the ability to walk the bottom of your pool surface and clean debris. Remote controls allow you to automate much of the operation process. By installing remote controls from inside your home, you can control your pool, spa, heaters, lighting, covers and more. You can program a spa to have it ready for you after a hard day at work. Another possibility is to program the lighting system to turn on at a specific time.


Strategically placed and dramatic lighting features change the look and mood of an existing pool.  Extend your poolside entertaining well into the evening with low profile lights or landscaping lights around the pool’s perimeter.  Accent paths and walkways and provide muted lighting for accent just as an artist displays their artwork. Direct light to specific pool, landscape, or patio features with spotlights. Use floodlights for general lighting for common areas. Motion floodlights provide extra safety and peace of mind.

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